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The mindset of continuous improvement unfolds within every single function and process of the enterprise. This philosophy is the bedrock for the quality standards we hold at Brembomatic.

The quality department at Brembomatic is formed by a team of highly qualified individuals, who apply their normative and operative expertise to our quality system and assurance. We have been certified by ISO 9001:2015 since 2000 and are currently IATF-compliant.


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Brembomatic controls its production processes via methods which can either be defined internally or in collaboration with the client, in order to guarantee flawless outcome. SPC, 100% optical/mechanical checks, as well as specially designed AQLs count to these methods.

Metrologic laboratory facility

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Zeiss O-INSPECT tridimensional coordinates machine

TESA SCAN MOD. 52 machine

Contour measuring ZEISS COUNTOURECORD 1700 SDE

MITUTOYO Vision Measuring Machine Quick Scope

Optical gauges / Analogic gauges

S.P.C. system and software

ATOMI MINOR ROBOTICS: high capacity inspecting system (800 pcs hour) with onboard camera for 100% production inspection capacity.

Dimensional measurement system through IM-7000 series image

Optical measuring machine for 100% checks via high resolution cameras. High speed and precision up to 0.001mm.

Mechanical measuring machine for 100% checks with tolerance up to 0.003mm

MD-F Series 3-fiber laser marker

Industry 4.0

Founded in 1960, Brembomatic srl is a leading company in the field of precision mechanics. Year after year, the company has developed and innovated its production capabilities. The innovation was possible thanks to the purchasing of the latest generation machinery and plants and also to the renovation of the production site.

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The project developed along the following guidelines:

Increase in production speed: the use of optical systems and the new lathe will lead to an increase in plant’s speed which will have a greater effect in the production of series with millions of pieces. Improvement of the working environment: the new pneumatic chip handling and storage system will reduce the handling of loads by employees; the new centralized extraction system will ensure better air filtration and control in all departments. Every machine is connected to the management software via a 4.0 logic system, allowing real-time monitoring and analysis of the production processes, thus rendering optimizations of tooling, production and transition from one phase to the next possible.
The entire project has the goal of increasing energy efficiency throughout the company, maximizing earnings while maintaining costs unchanged.


ID Progetto SIAGE 488668
ID Contratto Finlombarda Rapporto 99/604/118390
Data decreto concessione  24/05/2018, n.7495
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Regime di aiuto de minimis
Spese totali ammesse 872.605,00 €
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di cui a garanzia pubblica 29.375,00 €
di cui a titoli di contributo in conto capitale 130.890,75 €
Spese rendicontate 755.962,00 €
Spese ammesse ed approvate post rendicontazione 755.962,00 €
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