Brembomatic - PedraliGroup

A new idea of quality

Rigorous and specific

Manufacturing components for MEASUREMENT devices, control and supply of fluids for medical applications

Manufactured components undergo scrupulous controls, in compliance with internal procedures and /or designed with the customers, in order to verify the full compliance of the product with the specified requirements.


Flexibility is the key factor of our production capacity.
We are able to process every kind of material, both ferrous and non-ferrous, stainless and alloy steels, copper, cast iron and plastics, from flush, barstock, mould, diecasting and plate.

Precision in a new light

We constantly commit ourselves in improving the manufacturing process quality, especially for what concerns the product look.

Progress and precision in coffee tradition

Our technology and versatility, together with our decennial experience in coffee machines components supply, allowed us to become suppliers of this sector’s leading companies in manufacturing and distribution.