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A new idea of QUALITY


The constant-improving goal involves all corporate function and process: executive, operational and manufacturing. We always ensure our customer the highest quality standards.

As we have been achieving the ISO 9001:2008 certifications since 2000, we have always considered quality as our best characteristic, thanks to the implementation of a statistical processing control stations network (S.P.C.) and to the monitoring of the production improvement, allowing us to closely control the changes in our processes and in our measuring systems.


Aiming to improve our production quality standards, we set up a metrologic laboratory facility with the most sophisticate measuring and controlling systems, including: three-dimensional coordinates machine, TESASCAN optoelectronic gauge, roughness testers, altimeters, and profile projectors.
We constantly work to optimize our quality and processing…in order to reach perfection.

  • Metrologic laboratory facility

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    Zeiss O-INSPECT tridimensional coordinates machine

    TESA SCAN MOD. 52 machine

    Contour measuring ZEISS COUNTOURECORD 1700 SDE

    MITUTOYO Vision Measuring Machine Quick Scope

    SHADOMASTER Projector–Digital Controlled

    Optical gauges / Analogic gauges

    S.P.C. system and software

    ATOMI MINOR ROBOTICS: high capacity inspecting system (800 pcs hour) with onboard camera for 100% production inspection capacity.