Brembomatic - PedraliGroup

Top marks in every subject

Outstanding skills

Versatility is the key factor of our manufacturing ability, this attitude makes us manufacture every kind of material, both ferrous and not: brass - alloy steels - special steels - stainless steels - aluminium and bronze alloys - copper - cast iron - plastic materials (nylon, POM, PVC) – product samplings of small, medium and large size.

Our teamwork

Our production method is based on the expertise of our highly qualified technicians, as well as on a rigorous supply of certified materials (REACH, ROHS).

Highest level of competence

Flexibility is the key factor of our production capacity.
We are able to process
every kind of material
, both ferrous and non-ferrous, stainless and alloy steels,copper, cast iron and plastics, from flush, barstock, mould, diecasting and plate.

Material Some of these Size Surface treatments including Heat treatments including
Aluminium 11S/ANTICORODAL/
From ø 10 to ø 80 with autoloaders up to 250 kg with chucks coloured neutral anodizing/
chrome plating/brushing/polishing
Stainless steels 303/304/3016L - -
Brass OT 58/ OT57/ OT USA/ ADZ chrome plating-nickel plating-galvanizing-deleading annealing
Plastic material derlin/pom/graphitized Teflon/
reinforced fiberglass/ertalon
- -
Automatic steels 9SMnPb36/ 9SMnPb36/ 35SMnPb10 chrome plating-nickel plating-
Zinc-plating -phosphatizing
cementation remediation
Hardened steels
and ETG-ESP cementation
36NiCrMo2/ 39NiCrMo3/ C45/ C40 chrome plating-nickel plating-
Zinc-plating -phosphatizing
Zinc alloy aluminium
Hot forged brass
- up to 15 kg - -