Brembomatic - PedraliGroup

More than fifty years of perfect performances


Established in 1960, Brembomatic has always been the leading company in high precision mechanics.
Thanks to its strong business vocation, Brembomatic underwent a constant growth and gained a high level know-how, thus developing its manufacturing capability and occupying more then 20.000 square meters of surface, with 13.0000 squared meters of production unities, 100 specialized workers, a versatile and flexible machinery fleet.


Today the company focuses on quality excellence and invests its resources in a “continuous improvement” process, regarding both human resources and technological assets (machinery and processing).


The entire production cycle follows a process marked with procedures maximizing accuracy, precision and quality. Every activity aims to guarantee precise, complete and satisfactory solutions, meeting the client’s requests.

This method allows to satisfy both precision and production needs related to different sectors: automotive, industrial vehicles, HO.RE.CA., vending, optics, thermo-hydraulics, pneumatics, textile machinery, shipbuilding and pleasure craft, medical fittings, connectors, aeronautical industry, lighting, temperature sensors and industrial automation.